Monday, December 21, 2009

Growing up Fast!

Well the boys have had a lot of fun playing lately. Rykkar is enjoying Bentley's new found independance. I can't believe how much Bentley has grown up this month. He is doing everything. They love to play in the tent together.
Bentley's newest talent is climbing. He has discovered that the limbs hanging from his behind are actually good for something.... Climbing! He is finally using his legs to do everthing. You can't leave him alone for a secong or he will be climbing up the stairs...............................

Or the gaming chair.............

Or off the gaming chair.....................................

Or his favorite, the dishwasher! I love my boys. They are such a joy to watch play together. I hope that they grow up loving eachother and that they can be best friends.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Party

We had the Charlie Battery Christmas party on Friday night. It was a lot of fun. Just a casual dinner where new comers could meet everyone. There was a lot of good food and fun people. Rykkar had a lot of fun playing with Izzy and Lilly and all the other kids that he met. Sant Clause even mad an appearance. I wish all of you could be there to see Rykkar's reaction. Santa came in the door saying HO HO HO and Rykkar's face just lit up like a Christmas tree. Santa was saying hi to all the kids and Rykkar was stuck in the croud and Santa missed him... So Rykkar followed Santa and just climbed up on his lap the first chance he got. It was hilarious!!! Everyone was laughing at how determined Rykkar was to see Santa, and to make sure that Santa saw him. When Santa asked Rykkar what he wanted for Christmas of course Rykkar replied, "A gun" It was so cute. Next Bentley got his turn to sit on Santa. Bentley was in amazement to what this man with a white fluffy thing on his face was doing holding him... He loved it. We were so afraid that he was going to pull Santa's beard off and put it in his mouth. But he didn't. Here are some pictures of the night. Lilly and Rykkar had a lot of fun playing on the piano as you can see.